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Advantages for Managers and Employees

Managers and employees would love to be able to control the routine HR activities that directly affect themselves, particularly if this is easy to do. The ability for self-control enhances performance on the job. Highly intuitive and integrated Meta4 manager and employee self-service portals empower people to manage their HR-related activities or processes as part of their day to day work.

The strategic value of employee and manager self-service portals depends on how easy it is for each person to perform related tasks, and how these are integrated into all other HR processes in different parts of the full HR life cycle.

Empowering managers and employees builds strategic value

  • Lower dependency on HR for activities that do not require HR guidance, like holidays approvals.
  • Produce proactive reminders for managers and employees to complete tasks that are part of HR processes like, training requests, approvals and attendance
  • Make the most of the manager’s close hand exposure to employees and the daily work directly like vacancy requests, performance appraisal processes
  • Motivate employees with offerings on training courses, benefit incentives
  • Create a means for communicating corporate-wide policies like working schedules and guidelines
  • Create a feedback channel with HR for work-life balance issues.