Global HR Solutions for Local users
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Advantages for Local HR

Ideally local HR professionals want to independently get on with the daily business of managing local business initiatives without losing sight of the global perspective. Meta4 lets them do just that. Efficient decision-making and overall performance is ensured, while respecting regional and local needs, differences and processes.

The strategic value of local HR activities depends on how easy it is to exploit the diverse workforce and HR processes. For greater efficiency and excellence, this means:

  • Sharing workforce information, HR policies and practices on a single common platform for increased workforce visibility
  • Maintaining corporate uniformity for streamlined best practices
  • Allowing independence to address local needs and legal compliance

With Meta4, local HR benefit from the full support from corporate HR. They can smoothly deploy existing corporate-wide policies and practices, creating their own HR processes and practices as needed.

How can your local HR professionals build strategic value and corporate culture at a snap?

  • Report to local managers and to the corporate office with just a few clicks
  • Report all new hires monthly to the corporate office
  • Register local legal information on local employees
  • Build a standard hiring contract to fit local needs
  • View the organization locally and globally
  • Control access to sensitive HR data
  • On demand global and local headcounting capabilities
  • Support line managers and employees via self-service capabilities to lower HR dependency and facilitate the life cycle of HR processes and approvals