Global HR Solutions for Corporate users
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Advantages for Corporate HR

Meta4 solutions release corporate HR professionals from solely concentrating on the administrative side of people and payroll management across the organization. In fact, it goes further than that; they endow corporate HR the means for developing strategic value with effective people management processes that supports business decision-making processes.

Meta4 also lets corporate HR dedicate more time to work in tandem with corporate business leaders to strategically optimize workforce performance and create competitive edge.

Strategic value depends on how easy it is to extract and analyse the right information fast from a disparate global workforce to:

  • Invest in workforce headcount
  • Find the right people to solve problems
  • Get the best work out of the people in the organization
  • Prepare for future opportunities and risks.

How can your corporate HR professionals build strategic value at a snap?

  • Get a real-time global headcount instantly at their fingertips
  • Generate global reporting for C-level management
  • Control the global salary budget monthly
  • Create and maintain core competencies across the organization
  • Reflect any change in the organization globally
  • Support line managers with group policies
  • Give local HR departments around the world intuitive HR tools and processes to perform daily operations, reducing local HR technology investments.