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Packaged Solutions

Meta4’s offering covers the entire HR and payroll management cycle, but it recognizes that different companies have different needs and challenges as they grow and expand. To make it all easier, this is why Meta4 has created several packaged solutions, where each one contains different sets of Meta4 HR modules.

If your company is looking for a solution to strengthen a particular part of its HR business strategy, then one of our Meta4 packaged solutions may be for you.

Companies that choose one of Meta4’s packaged solutions know that they can continually strengthen their HR strategy over time as needed and when they are ready. They can always expand their packaged solution by upgrading to a more complete package or even to a full solution, as they see fit. This way they can complete the HR and payroll cycle with little effort.

Which packaged solution to choose?

Core HR Foundation: handles the main HR processes for global people management within the workforce.

Compensation & Benefits: builds upon the Global Core HR Foundation to cover employee benefits and compensation management adapted to local needs.

Talent Management: builds upon the Global Core HR Foundation to motivate and retain talent as well as to ensure people become more effective.

Full Solution:a smooth upgrade from any of the packaged solutions when you want to complement and complete your HR strategy with all the functionality present in other packaged solutions together with some additional modules like Occupational Health and Safety.