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Personnel Administration and Management

The Meta4 PeopleNet HRMS is person-centric, it identifies the person as the true player of the organization and acknowledges the individual’s key attributes as the basis for management: the role played, the competencies, and relationships with other people. The global person directory stores information on all individuals that have something to do with the organization. This Meta4 directory is the base for the Personnel Administration module and offers a snapshot of all kinds of relationships an individual may have with the organization.

Main Features: Personnel Administration and Management
Manage data on all people the organization
Manage data on all people who interact with the organization.
Global management of individuals
Global management of individuals: making global information adapted to each local legislation available.
Manage multiple groups or collectives
Manage multiple groups or collectives: employees, collaborators, external collaborators, retirees, etc.
Historical information associated to a unique single identifier per person
Historical information associated to a unique single identifier per person.
Contractual information and of the position of the employee in the organization
Details of the employee’s contract and job at any time.
Management of the internal movements of an employee
Manage internal mobility of an employee, change in position, role, etc.
Management of the assets property of the company
Manage the different assets pertaining to the company.
Integral management of documents
Complete document management per person.
Automatic calculation for full-time equivalence
Automatic calculation for full-time equivalence.
Massive assignment of vacations
Allocate holidays en masse and automate for resetting the pool at year end.
Follow up of evaluations, formation and career plan
Follow up different appraisals, training and career plan. .
Generation of reports and graphs of the labor or economic information
Dynamically generate reports and graphs with any labour or economic information.
Obtaining report
Get reports (new hires, movements, terminations, employee turnover, stability, etc.).
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