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Global Cloud HR Management

Human capital management is one of the greatest challenges companies face in the 21st century, and even greater when it comes to global organizations operating in different countries and markets.

To be an “international player”, it is necessary to adapt HR applications to new ways of working—bearing in mind growing decentralization, new employee demands, the legal, social and demographic changes as well as the constant quest for talent in a global environment.

Increasingly we find we confront a common problem among multinationals: the need to manage HR information and processes in a single system to serve the business and the strategy, and with minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

In a global market, where companies want to grow and expand into international markets, the old models no longer apply. We need new solutions for companies eager for success in a global environment:

  • Offer a single online system with a common framework that helps apply transparent and common policies across all countries, making it easier to achieve the corporate strategy and increase productivity.
  • Consolidate workforce information and plan local and global resources, but also to go a step further by reinforcing the management and support processes for their employees and managers.
  • Mutinational companies need a technology solution that is guaranteed to make the most of their intellectual assets to be more competitive and agile in decision-making.

Internationalizing organizations has led to alterations in HR and payroll management models, and requires far more powerful software like Meta4 PeopleNet for multinational companies.

The global Meta4 solution delivers these companies the tools they need to manage their employees from this new global perspective. .

Gartner-Meta4 WebCast

In this webcast, you will …

  • Learn what global HR is and why it’s important.
  • Discover how to combine a global HR strategy with local compliance requirements.
  • Find out what to look for in a global HR suite.
  • Better understand the challenges for global HR management.
  • Discover the financial benefits of a global HR project.
  • And hear about the future of global HR management.
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