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Meta4 Cloud Integration

How can Meta4 fit into your HR strategy?

Integration strategy


Complete end-to-end HR connectivity

The Meta4 SaaS offer is an integrated global end-to-end solution delivering complete HCM functionality from personal administration, organization management, global data reporting, through to talent management.

Aware that each company’s IT environment is complex Meta4 integrates with any existing infrastructure connecting and complementing any payroll, niche player, local or global existing systems as well as legacy software.

Our integration framework

At the core of the Meta4 SaaS platform is a sophisticated integration framework which allows full interoperability with all kinds of in-house and outsourced HR and back-end systems. This accommodates both technical connectivity and functional data exchange for HR features

Capabilities for flexible functional data exchange

Whether it’s the global corporate HR office or the different local ones who hold the master data, it doesn’t matter.

Meta4 offers a flexible means for seamlessly integrating master data either at the global or country level; clients can choose what suits them best for their Global HR SaaS project.

Out-of-the-box user configurable interfaces come with our integration framework for smooth input and output to other HR systems and easier data exchange and interoperability.

Capabilities for technical connectivity

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) architecture facilitates integration using a broad set of technologies like LDAP, SOAP, XML, etc.
  • Seamless technical single sign on and federated security, supporting SAML protocol, active directories and portal integration
  • Security model based on data and role-based access, where security is defined once for information and processes and applied to all interfaces.

How does this live together with your current HR and ERP processes and back-end systems?

Meta4 offers a complete HR system built around a single technology to cover all aspects of core HR through to
strategic Talent Management. But our system is designed not to be intrusive; we can live side-by-side with any of your systems through our capabilities for tight integration.

All we want to do is help complete your HR strategy.

Some of our Global Customers

  • Bimbo.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • Carvajal Group.
  • Gemalto.
  • Hotetur.
  • Inditex.
  • Wilh Wilhelmsen.
  • World Vision.
  • Zed Group.

“Meta4’s SaaS model offers streamlined business processes and
best practices at global and local levels with the added value of
deploying additional HR functionality as required,”
said Shona Barnard, Technical Director".

World Vision International.

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