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Meta4 Cloud HR

Global Cloud HR. Build your end-to-end HR strategy.

Are you a global company with presence in several countries?

Do you have multiple systems for HR functions that don’t talk to each other?

Don’t you wish you had a global real-time system for personnel administration and organization management locally?

Wouldn’t it be great to identify your key employees and take advantage of their talent worldwide?

If your answer is yes… Open the window of opportunities with Meta4.

What you get?

  • Centralized HR system to access and consolidate local country information in real time globally.
  • Single distributed system to support your organization and provide solutions and best practices to local HR needs.
  • Integrated HR system where Meta4 HR functions are deployed and merged transparently with other existing HR functions.
  • Provide your corporate users with...
    • Real-time global headcount instantly at your fingertips.
    • Global reporting to C-level management.
    • Global monthly salary budget control.
    • Core competencies across the organization.
    • Changes reflected in the organization globally.
    • Group policies to support line managers.
    • Corporate-wide intuitive HR tools and processes for local HR departments, reducing their technology investments.
  • Provide your local users with...
    • Monthly reporting to local and corporate managers with just a few clicks.
    • Monthly reporting to corporate office on all new hires.
    • A means to avoid hiring someone already contracted in another country.
    • Registered local legal information on your employees.
    • Global and local views of the organization.
    • Controlled access to sensitive HR data.
    • On-demand global headcounting capabilities.
    • Manager and employee self-service capabilities to lower HR dependency and facilitate the life cycle of HR processes and approvals.
    • Platform for managing the end-to-end HR life cycle from core HR to talent management.
    • Real-time information for better decision making.
    • Global workforce headcounting and talent pool management.
    • Consistent organizational information and processes around the world.
    • Single common replacement for multiple isolated employee information systems.
  • Benefits

    “Strategic HRM depends on a Strategic System-of-Record.”

    Naomi Bloom. - Managing Partner Bloom & Wallace.

    Meta4 provides “A single, global solution for core HR and
    sophisticated talent management; innovative and highly
    intuitive user experience providing quick and easy access to
    information for decision making and planning, as well as deep
    global support and experience.”

    Bersin & Associates.

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