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HR in the Cloud

If you are looking for a cloud-based HR business solution to manage all your corporate HR needs and processes—from organization management, personnel administration, training, career development and succession planning, performance management, through to employee and manager self-service as well as payroll—then , then Meta4’s Global cloud HR service based on its Meta4 PeopleNet platform will suit you.

The Meta4 Global Cloud HR offer is designed to be easy to set up, easy to configure and fast to deploy for any organization. The methodology behind this cloud HRM offer is based on three pillars which enable organizations to define how to deploy Meta4 PeopleNet to fit their HR strategy and business needs:

  • Software for offering the different core and talent management functionalities required within your organization.
  • Services which are the standard and additional ones required for rolling out the customer’s selected HR functionality on the software platform.
  • Set up based on one of several different deployment roadmaps and timelines available together with the defined roles and responsibilities shared between the customer and Meta4.
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Foundation Talent Management Ad Hoc
Custom Add-ons

For clients who need to go beyond configurable functionalities, with additional custom processes or features based on global and multiple local requirements unique to their business activities.

The SaaS platform and tools go further than configurability with fast and easy customization. We can rapidly create and deploy new modules for you as needed.

Workforce Planning

Talent Planning

Talent Aquisition

Development Plans

Career Paths



For clients who want to extend their core HR with additional talent management:

  • Identify vacancies anywhere, hire local or global staff
  • Across-the-board policies for performance appraisals and management
  • Global compensation policies and payroll life cycle also adapted locally
  • Mixed flexible and variable benefits adjusted to glocal needs
  • Common and local HR training catalogues and curriculums
  • Common HR policies for career and succession planning
  • Global talent pool for career and succession planning
  • Identify vacancies anywhere, hire local or global staff.

Meta4 Talent Management is built around a central core of person-centric HR functionality in the organizational environment that incorporates all key modules which are all closely interrelated.

For clients who want to build the functional and technical foundation for global HR with Meta4 PeopleNet and leverage it together with their existing systems, and even extend it later as desired:

Proven Global Core HR
  • Common Framework: a single system of record for propagating common person, organization & competency management functionalities across all “glocalized“ HR tasks and functions, providing the foundation to support strategic HRM requirements
  • Processes: best practices, assisted HR processes and life cycles which interact with one another
  • Reporting: rich graphics and analytics for fast and well-informed decisions on headcount, budgeting, etc.
  • ESS / MSS: web-based employee and manager self-service portals for smoother decentralized online administration processes and communication.
Reliable & Configuration-friendly Platform

At the core of the platform, the tools allow customers to quickly configure their own reports, workflows, alerts or data inputs and outputs with utmost ease.

  • Analytics for organizational capacity and workforce indicators
  • Role-based security to control access
  • Integration management for live syncs between Meta4 and back-end ERP
  • User-guided workflow automation
  • Automating actions, notifications, alerts, approvals and rejections in HR processes
  • Data input/export and assisted data migration from other systems.
Standard Extended Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc integration

Ad Hoc interfaces

For clients who have very specialized and specific needs beyond the flexibility of the available standard configurable services, Meta4 SaaS can deliver a wide range of customizations.

Given the diversity of business activities, companies have varying HR needs and choose different software solutions to support them. In recognition, Meta4 can add value using its platform and tools to connect to other external systems and deliver:

  • connectivity and integration with critical business applications part of specific 3rd party systems outside the standard service
  • tailored one-of-a-kind input and output interfaces to meet evolving customer-specific needs globally and locally.





For clients who want Meta4 to create and configure additional functionality, processes, and alerts.

  • extra workflows for new HR processes or policies
  • optional additional alerts for existing and custom workflows
  • additional custom specific user profiles
  • additional and more complex reports and queries for web publication
  • sandbox environments for on demand set up of a secondary copy production environment with client company's own data and functionality.

All customers are provided with the right level of platform and software service support that fits their requirements.

  • Hosting & Administration: provided in a world-class ISO 27001 certified data centre with redundancy, fail safe communications and energy provisions, 24x7 hardware/software monitoring to ensure maximum data security and platform accessibility
  • Functional and Technical Evolutions: all upgrades are automatic and transparent to the customer
  • Corrective Maintenance: incidences and enhancements included as part of the Meta4 platform and software maintenance
  • Data and application backup: client information and specific configurations backed up regularly to ensure a mirrored snapshot of the client application is always available for recovery
  • Security framework: internet firewalls/IPS, anti-virus, dedicated FTP server for content uploading and downloading using the SSH protocol, secured data transactions, 24x7 physical security surveillance at data centres, company data protection and confidentiality, authentication and secure identity management.
  • 24 x 7 Hot line: our clients located in over 100 countries currently supported worldwide around the clock via fax, phone, email or internet
  • Case management (CSS): Customer self-service tool for reporting and monitoring incidences with technical assistance.
Ad Hoc Assisted Autonomous

For clients, who want ad hoc joint project implementation and collaboration, where Meta4's participation in the project is tailored to the client's needs, capabilities and priorities.

  • flexible collaboration with customized roles and responsibilities shared between the customer and Meta4 subject to prior agreement
  • each phase may have varying levels of involvement by both parties.

For clients with limited internal resources, seeking minimum deployment time with a technology-agnostic approach for leveraging HICM aligned to the corporate business strategy.

  • Meta4 uses a flexible configuration-based approach to building a global HR system for a client’s functional needs
  • all a client does is state what functionalities they want and how these should be configured and customized to achieve their HR and business goals
  • Meta4 does rest and rolls out the project with the client’s approval.

For autonomous clients, who prefer to implement and deploy to their own timeline, heavily involving their own resources and leveraging Meta4 best practices, technology and guidance.

  • Plan: define the project objectives, plan the roadmap and resources, and define the data migration strategy
  • Set up: detailed analysis of the functional processes based on best practices, define the global template, configure the client domain on the Meta4 SaaS platform, and start data migration
  • Validation: test & validate platform processes and client data with custom functionality, start training key user and prepare deployment kit
  • Roll out: deploy tested functionality to the production environment on the platform in a secure way so it is readily available, start training end users and set up support procedures.