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Expert technology assessment

Service description

Our technology assessment services offer you support for your needs in special services and technology experts, providing defined preventive services, facilitating assessment or executing the maintenance and evolving upgrade requirements of your Meta4 platform.

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  • Ensures maximum availability of your Meta4 tool.
  • Offers a complete and personalized service for maintenance needs.
  • Ensures the optimal performance of your Meta4 tool.
  • Designs the cappropriate strategy for technical evolution of your infrastructure.
  • Enables budgeting and prepares forecasted and optimized costs.
  • Provides the best technical profiles who are experts on the Meta4 platform, freeing you from the need for including similar profiles within your workforce.

Types of technology services

Expert technology service

Expert and specialized consultancy services on Meta4 technology for undertaking assessments and projects in:

  • Performance analysis: exhaustive study and analysis on system performance with stress tests, benchmarks, etc.
  • Specialized training: in technologies applied for efficient platform management (databases, advanced installations, fine-tuning tools, etc…).
  • Installation / Integration: of other technology components, portals, LDAP and SSO integration.
  • Technological assessment /System architecture: closely tied to technology changes and upgrades.
  • Legal compliance: data protection laws, Sarbanes-Oxley act, etc.
  • Complete audit: of the Meta4 platform with exhaustive analysis of all components interacting with it, ensure proper performance and make certain it is fully optimized.

Preventive technology services

Through planned periodic interventions our technology experts will undertake the following activities:

  • Review indicators and configurations.
  • Basic operating systems indicators and databases.
  • Configuration parameters for the application servers and the web server.
  • System performance indicators.
  • Review critical technology hot fixes.
  • Status of release upgrades.
  • Repository inconsistencies.
  • Run backups.
  • Undeleted temporary files.
  • Architecture components.
  • Diagnostics and analysis on indicators.
  • Propose corrective and/or preventive measures.

Technology service: evolving maintenance

Specialized services to keep your application technologically up-to-date, take on upgrade projects or platform changes, or corrective maintenance and evolving system interventions.

  • Meta4 technology maintenance: install and upgrade technology components supplied in accordance with the maintenance contract (Technology Service Packs).
  • System upgrade and maintenance: Migraciones de plataformas, actualización de versiones de SGBD, etc.
  • Corrective technology maintenance: specialized technology consultancy services to resolve urgent or critical incidences that affect the technological layer of the Meta4 platform