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Evolving and custom maintenance

Service description

Special consultancy services for Meta4 solutions to help you with your requirements for adapting or evolving your platform to keep pace of the changes your organization is undergoing.


  • Respond to the requirements for evolving your personnel and HR platform to keep up with technological, workforce and legal changes your organization is going through.
  • Deliver fast responses to resolve product incidences (functional, technological and tools).
  • Ensure critical processes execute.
  • Allow a high degree of user autonomy when running his workforce and HR processes.
  • Minimize change management , by facilitating knowledge transfer.
  • Provide a Meta4 account manager to serve as the single point of contact for managing and coordinating different services.
  • Offer the best expert functional and technical profiles on the Meta4 platform, freeing you from the need to have similar profiles within your workforce.

Evolving and custom maintenance services

  • Platform upgrades to adapt to technological, workforce and legal changes your organization is going through. A service where Meta4® takes care of maintaining the Meta4 environment up-to-date functionally, legally and technologically.
  • New development or modifications of the current functionalities to adapt to your needs in workforce and HR processes. Analysis and development of any change or new functionality you need adapt to changes (legal, workforce and technological) that your organization is undergoing.
  • Specific projects where specialized services help you with the changes affecting the organization, both analysis of the processes and the best way to customize these in the Meta4 platform. These services include, for example, workforce restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, collective labour agreements, evolutions in specific HR processes, globalization, etc.
  • Operational support for the HR and personnel department in your organization to ensure optimal operation of our solutions. These services include end user support for resolving queries, running personalized tutorials to cover specific customer needs, analysis of your organizational processes and support for change management, etc.