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Expert consultancy in Meta4 projects

Service description

Expert consultancy services in implementation and customization projects for Meta4 solutions to carry out with your company or through our network of certified partners. This may also include quality assurance or quality control services for certain phases of the project or technical assistance.


  • Guarantee quality in projects undertaken by clients or our network of certified partners.
  • Address the client’s final requirement to undertake projects successfully in collaboration between the client, the system integrator and the Meta4 provider.
  • Functional and technical optimization of the Meta4 platform as well as maintenance, thus reducing IT and HR costs and risks .
  • Meta4 provides a multidisciplinary team that supplies the resources, know-how for the required solution and tools to get direct benefits through the experience garnered in their projects.

Expert consultancy in Meta4 projects

  • Quality Assurance: In projects undertaken by a system integrator, Meta4 acts as an external body supporting the client or the integrator to ensure project control and quality in the appropriate phases through its value as a vendor and in implementation experience. This model is particularly applicable during the setup phase of the project, review of the functional analysis and in the project planning itself, as well as in the review and validation of complex development designs, but it can be extended to any other project phase.
  • Technical Assistance: Project body supporting the client which includes a multidisciplinary team that provides specialist services for full customer care in all stages and aspects with the purpose of ensuring project quality control, smooth deployment and operation, as well as best exploit the product. The technical assistance services rendered centre on the following pillars:
    • Follow up and coordination: controlling milestones and deliveries, decision support during the Project, estimate reviews, metrics and planning, support for risk management and change management, etc.
    • Expert functional and technical support of Meta4 solutions: perform consultancy tasks in different project phases on complex or high-impact issues (functional analysis, designs, test plans, interfaces, imports, parallels, local changes, etc.).
    • Expert technology platform support: technology system audits in different modes; before going live, assessment to ensure the system evolves correctly, and audits to check the minimum security requirements.

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