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HR in Process: Expert HR and Payroll Services

HR in Process by Meta4

Service description

HR in Process offers specialized HR consultancy services for professionals who wish to roll out a new process or improve an existing one. It provides them with the guides and best practices to make this easier to do successfully.


  • To add value to your organization: value to the HR processes, strategic value to managers and professional value to employees.
  • Deliver practical orientation to HR professionals on starting or improving processes.
  • Help HR departments make the most suitable decisions at all times, to increase efficiency, competitiveness and productivity .
  • Simplify communication, uniting all required stakeholders into a single project: IT experts, specialists, consultants, etc.
  • Facilitate risk management and cost control through the possibility of allocating investments based on needs.
  • Lets you discover and apply the best practices in the market which have reliably demonstrated success in our clients’ organizations.
  • And, if you also use our Meta4 solutions, we put our HR experience on our own platform at your disposition and we help you leverage it optimally.

Specialized HR in Process Services

Personnel and HR Administration

Implementing equality

HR in Process – Implementing equality :
A special service that guides you through the process for successfully implementing the plan for equality in conformance with legal requirements. It also offers a tool for running diagnostics and monitoring the plan.

Company for work and life balance

HR in Process – Certify your company for work and life balance:
The work-life balance service in HR in Process, which covers life, work and family, will guide you through all the steps for auditing and implementing a management model to ensure your company certifies for work-life balance.


Occupational Health and Safety

Prevention of Labor Risks

HR in Process – Complete labour risk management and safety at work:
Comprehensive consulting service that will provide Labour Risk Prevention best practices, the application to manage data and processes, as well as a consultant providing advice and support in the various processes involved in this matter.



Develop employee potential

HR in Process – Training to develop employee potential:
Specialized training for building skills which allow professionals to grow personally and professionally (emotional intelligence, stress management, time management, communication skills, negotiation, etc.).



Optimize your technology infrastructure

HR in Process – Optimize your Meta4 infrastructure:
This supports specialized and specific needs beyond the flexibility of the available standard configurable services, Meta4 SaaS can deliver a wide range of customizations.


Payroll Process

Optimize your Payroll

HR in Process – Optimize your Payroll:
Performs an audit of your payroll and your workforce in short timeline, and proposes different ways to optimize the processes in your organization and the associated operating costs.

Optimize people and payroll processes

HR in Process – Optimize people and payroll processes:
The Meta4 service “Optimize your payroll platform” allows you run an audit in a reduced timeframe to assess the state of your HR processes on the Meta4 platform as well as to improve and optimize this. .


Employee and Manager Portal

Implementation of the employee self-service

HR in Process – Implementation of the employee self-service:
Make the most of our experience to successfully launch your project in a reduced timeline for a functionality-rich employee portal, without additional development—all so simply and intuitively.

Optimize your employee and manager portals

HR in Process – Optimize your employee and manager portals:
Specialized services to complete the functionality of your portals rolled out via well-defined projects and quality services , delivering a rapid ROI. These services help you to strengthen communications within your organization, simplify and decentralize processes—all which further motivate employees.


Optimizing costs

Optimize costs

HR in Process – Optimize costs:
Meta4 lets you apply the best solutions our clients use to achieve greater cost efficiencies.

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