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Meta4 and the Brazilian company Toutatis sign an alliance to offer outsourcing solutions throughout Latin America

  • Through this strategic agreement both companies offer payroll outsourcing services throughout Latin America.
  • • Signing this alliance reinforces Meta4’s position in Latin America, a market where the Spanish multinational already enjoys strong presence and great potential for growth.

Madrid, 22nd Abril 2013.- Meta4, , a world-class leader for human capital management (HCM) and payroll solutions announces the strategic alliance settled with Toutatis Client Services do Brasil, a leading Brazilian company for BPO (business process outsourcing) services. Though this agreement, both companies will launch a joint offering to the market for all of Latin America, based on the Meta4 PeopleNet technology platform and the outsourcing services provided by Toutatis.

The alliance allows multinational companies with presence in various countries in Latin America to outsource their payroll through a single service provider and a single technology platform and take advantage of all the implicit benefits this offers. Additionally, thanks to the Meta4 Cloud HR solution companies can go for all the HR functionality integrated with the payroll.

With this alliance Meta4 hopes to stimulate their offering in Latin America, a market where the company enjoys strong presence and great potential for growth. With a revenue of 12.2 M€ for last year and a 26% increase in earnings, the Latin American market already represents 22% of the group’s revenue.

To achieve such good results with excellent prospects for further development, it is worth mentioning the growth experienced in the Cloud Payroll and HR line of solutions—a strategic area where Latin American revenue has grown 47% as compared to the previous year. Notably 85% of sales in this line of business over the last two years came from multinational clients with presence throughout the region.

Meta4, present in Latin America since 19 years ago, has offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, and Peru. Through their solutions more than 7,000,000 employees from 400 companies in this region are managed. Of note, are Grupo Telefónica, Prosegur, Mapfre, Grupo Bimbo, Danone, Colgate or Kelloggs—many of these are managed through the Cloud HR platform.

Headquartered in Sao Paulo and with a center in the Brazilian region of Mina Gerais, Toutatis is a BPO company focused on operational excellence through a unique business process management methodology. With more than 800 employees distributed in 10 countries across Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay), it manages the outsourced payroll of more than 500,000 employees that Toutatis has at over 400 customers.

In the words of Carlos Pardo, Managing Director of Meta4, “The agreement signed reinforces our internationalization policy and consolidates Meta4 as a leading provider of technology solutions for HR management throughout the Latin American market.”

For his part, Marcelo Franca, CEO of Toutatis declared, “This alliance will be able to solve the problems facing multinationals which need to grow in Latin America and run into the complexity of HR management in a region with very different political and legislative frameworks.”