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GFI Software selects Meta4 Global SaaS HR Solution to manage their employees worldwide

Madrid, December 18th, 2012 - GFI SoftwareTM, a multinational company pioneering powerful, award-winning security and productivity software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), has chosen Meta4 Global SaaS HR solution for managing their core HR data and processes for their employees worldwide.

Driven by international growth over the last few years, GFI, with offices around the world, was looking for a global HR solution that would address a range of strategic issues. Notably among these was the need for unified information available on all their employees around the world, in order to optimize and automate management processes — which, before the arrival of Meta4, was done manually and sent separately by each work center to be consolidated — and for managing key HR processes within an approval-based multi-step workflow environment.

Meta4 Global HR SaaS, a solid choice for international strategy and expansion

After a rigorous selection process, in which the main HRMS providers in the market were considered, GFI selected Meta4 Global HR SaaS. It is worth noting that the Meta4 Global SaaS HR solution was the only one that was cost-effective and that gives them comfort on their requirements for data protection regulations worldwide, and particularly in Europe, where compliance regulations are far more rigorous than in the rest of the world. This proved to be a decisive factor in the selection process.

Using the Meta4 Global HR SaaS solution, the GFI HR department can automatically generate reports on their employees, manage organizational changes such as hires, terminations, transfers, etc. and record personnel data according to the applicable legislation in each country. Furthermore, through the deployment of Employee and Manager Self-Service, the HR department at GFI can offer their employees and managers a quality service which translates into improved internal communications, increased productivity and cost savings for the company.

With the Global HR SaaS solution, Meta4 takes care of the technology investment, upgrades and maintenance while delivering reduced costs. GFI stands to benefit from all the agility, security and flexibility Software as a Service (SaaS) offers, in addition to the added value delivered with the high configurability of the Meta4 Global HR SaaS platform.