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Meta4 is one of the main software companies in Europe states the Truffle 100 Europe 2012 report

  • With a revenue over 50 million euros, Meta4 is ranked as a leader in technology solutions for human resources management.
  • The Truffle 100 Europe 2012 study bases ranking results on the revenue, growth and R&D and innovation investments of the European companies in the technology sector.

Madrid, 26th November, 2012. Meta4, a world-class leader for human intellectual capital management and development (HICM), is one of two Spanish software vendor companies included in the well-regarded report: Truffle 100 Europe 2012 index of the top 100 companies in Europe,

This annual study conducted by IDC, Truffle Capital, BARC and CXP, ranks companies by revenue, annual growth, reinvestment and human capital allocated to R&D and innovation, in recognition of their efforts to dynamise and create qualified employment in Europe.

"In the current circumstances impacting global economy, the software sector in Spain has sustained a 3.1% growth compared to the previous year. Despite the fact that local demand is not optimal, technology export has seen a positive trend, growing for the fifth consecutive year,” declared Carlos Pardo, CEO of Meta4. “International markets have clearly become targets for Spanish ITC companies, based on a growth strategy to expand across boarders into new markets," concludes Pardo.

The Truffle 100 index has calculated that revenue grew in 2012 up to 52,900 million euros for these 100 companies. Some 28% of which was reinvested in R&D, creating almost 60,000 new jobs. Meta4 allocates 20% of its total revenue to R&D and innovation, a percentage higher than the average 11% invested by the majority of companies in Europe, according to the EU Survey on R&D Investment Business Trends. The Spanish company has one of the largest specialized research centres for the development of human resources solutions and services in Spain and uses the most state-of-the-art technology in developing their solutions for HR management.