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48% of Spanish companies seek their candidates in social media

  • Meta4 organized the workshop on “The strategic role of human resources in the new digital era” in which it analyses the importance of social media for managing people.
  • Íncipy, INESDY and Sagardoy Abogados showed how companies must adapt and make the most of this new environment to improve their business performance.

Madrid, 8th April 2011.- Meta4, a world-class leader in managing and developing human and intellectual capital management (HICM) systems, gathered over 100 directors and HR managers from major companies in Spain in the breakfast workshop “The strategic role of human resources in the new digital era”. The technology company has enjoyed the cooperation of Íncipy, a company specializing in Digital Marketing Strategy and Advanced; INESDY, Institute of Digital Innovation in the Professions and Sagardoy Lawyers, leading law firms specializing in labour law, social benefits, pensions and social security in Spain.

The main findings highlight the importance of social networks and the undeniable impact digital tools are causing in all areas of business, and especially in human capital management in companies. This new and innovative context also brings to light the strategic role of human resources for strengthening the collaborative spirit, interaction, knowledge sharing and productivity with the aim of improving the business performance of companies.

HR professionals must know these new 2.0 applications and integrate them into their policies for managing talent and bringing greater value to their businesses. To this end, Joana Sanchez, Executive Director of Íncipy commented on the new ways of work that companies must adapt to and the importance of consumers and employees in these new environments. "Businesses are undergoing a transformation and companies must be swift to leverage the opportunities offered by social networks "saidSánchez.

Mireia Ranera, Director of Human Resources 2.0 at Íncipy showed data on the increased use of social networks by human resources departments for their selection processes. She noted that 48% of Spanish companies are already searching candidates on social networks, although we are still far from reaching the 80% seen in the United States. "The trend is unstoppable and HR managers should use these new tools to find the best candidates." Likewise she encouraged companies to step up their use by creating corporate blogs that increase communication and a sense of belonging in the workforce.

Social networks stand out for their transparency and self-management; HR departments should use them to enhance the company's online reputation. Peter Rojas, Director of Training Projects at INESDI indicated that for companies to successfully manage their human capital, as well as retain and find the best talent, they should not only improve their skills, but also develop the following competencies: actively participate in social networks, work with a global vision, possess high adaptability to change, as well as be the stakeholders who manage transparency and knowledge, among others.  "We can’t stem the tide; social networks are a reality we must exploit professionally. Human resources departments should be highlighted by the opening, promotion and training in the optimal use of social networks," saidRojas.

Furthermore, Iñigo Sagardoy, CEO of Sagardoy Abogados analyzed through case studies the legal limitations of the new digital age. "There is still no legal regulation in Spain on the usage of social networks and the implications for the labour workforce, but it will come and we must be ready so companies apply it effectively." Sagardoy stressed that companies must implement good practices to protect themselves and seek a balance between their policies and the fundamental rights of employees which must not be violated.