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Meta4 facilitates Family Responsible Employer certification

  • Meta4, strengthens its "HR In Process" consultancy with a new service launched, designed for companies wishing to be certified as a Family-Responsible Employer (FRE).
  • FRE accreditation created by the MásFamilia foundation supported and endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy primarily aims to promote the reconciliation of work and family life in business.

Madrid, 16th March 2011 - Meta4, a world-class leader in managing and developing human and intellectual capital management (HICM), strengthens its "HR In Process" consultancy by launching a new service designed for organizations wishing to implement a management model to ensure FRE (Family Responsible Employer) certification.

HR In Process is a Meta4 exclusive service combining expert advice with HR technology applications. It offers companies solutions to help them implement new HR processes or improve existing ones, providing guidelines and best market practices for successful deployment.

HR In Process Family Responsible Employer

Reconciling work and family is a challenge many companies are rising to since its implementation provides a number of benefits for both organizations and employees. Companies achieve increased productivity, improve talent capture and retention, strengthen the loyalty of its workforce, and so on. For employees, these benefits translate into permanent jobs, reduced working hours, flexible hours, telecommuting and equal opportunities, among others.

To help companies evaluate whether they meet all the requirements needed for certification, Meta4 has created HR In Process FRE, a service that provides all the criteria and tools a company needs for recognition as a Family Responsible Employer through a series of actions.

In the first phase, Meta4 performs an internal audit prior to the application for certification, in which it shows the company the requirements it does and doesn’t meet. The work climate, turnover, absenteeism and equal opportunities are some of the indicators taken into account. In the second phase, after the implementation of the HR In Process FRE solution, companies can apply the criteria set by the FRE rules through a plan of action and a series of internal audits. Throughout the process, Meta4 supports the company in monitoring and changing their FRE policies.

According to Eva Louzao, Meta4 Director of Services, "We designed this new HR In Process service with the aim of providing a quick and easy solution to all those organizations committed to implementing specific measures for promoting work-life balance for their employees and their families.”

The MásFamilia foundation and the FRE certificate

The MásFamilia Foundation is a private, independent, nonprofit and charitable organization, created with the mission to provide highly professional and innovative solutions for protecting and supporting the family, especially those with special dependencies (minors, elderly, disabled, etc.)..

This entity was charged with the creation of the official FRE (Family Responsible Entity or Employer) certificate, with the support and endorsement of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy for promoting the reconciliation between work and family life within organizations.