Meta4: HR Software Solutions
More than 1,300 customers| More than 18,000,000 employees managed | Our solutions are present in more than 100 countries

Clients, Partners, Colaborators, Employees: Thank you everyone!

20 years Meta4

The innovative venture that started in Spain in 1991 thanks to the dream of a handful of people has now converted into a company with 800 employees, offices in 12 countries and 1,300 clients worldwide.

20 years have gone by and our dream is still strong—to continue providing innovative technology solutions applied to managing people; these are already managing 18 million employees worldwide today.

This success isn’t just ours, but also that of all those people who have left their mark on this venture over the years. We want to thank you for helping us to get to where we are today and for staying at our side while growing together.