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Other projects

Meta4 has already worked on several projects as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative around the world and in all sorts of areas. But some of these mean a lot to us , and we would love to share these with all of you.

Meta4 collaborates with the "Selva Negra" association in Mexico:

Mexico, April 2008. Meta4 donated 100,000 pesos to the Selva Negra association to reforest Mexico and create a culture favouring the environment..

"Meta4 is a socially responsible company that has at heart the welfare of the community and the environment in which it finds itself.”
Pedro Vaquero, Managing Director of Latin America.

Reforestamos Mexico

Meta4 contributes to the construction of therehabilitation centre of "Mixquiahualence"

Mexico, November 2007. Meta4, after 12 years of presence in Mexico, undertook at the end of 2007 the first of its CSR activities by constructing a rehabilitation centre for more than 300 disabled children.

Meta4 entrega las ayudas para la construcción del centro de rehabilitación en Mexico
Meta4 entrega las ayudas para la construcción del centro de rehabilitación en Mexico
Centro de rehabilitación Mixquiahualence
Centro de rehabilitación Mixquiahualence

"For all the employees of Meta4 Mexico, there could not be a greater satisfaction than seeing the joy in the faces of these disabled children and their families— who could see their dream of a rehabilitation centre becoming true".
Pedro Vaquero, Managing Director of Latin America.


Meta4 collaborates with "Casa de la Amistad"

Casa de la amistad

Mexico, December 2007. Meta4 donated to the Casa de la Amistad for children suffering from cancer, as part of the social responsibility schemes that the company had started implementing in the capital of Mexico

Meta4 has promised to follow through these initiatives, emphasizing the value that social responsibility has for companies, in Mexico and around the world.


We are very pleased to be helpful in this worthy mission that people are involved in to help these childrencoming from different corners of Mexico to treat their cancer." 
Carlos Martínez, Managing Director of Meta4 Mexico.

Casa de la amistad
Casa de la amistad

Meta4 cooperates with the NGO "Action Aid"

Madrid, October 2007. Meta4 implemented a project together with the NGO Action Aid Against Hunger, for which it pledged to donate a percentage of the company revenues. The objective is to support the main humanitarian aid projects that Action Aid Against Hunger leads around the world. 

Meta4 believes in the importance of the role that corporate social responsibility plays within HR in any company. We believe that these socially responsible practices positively affect our workforce.

Meta4, sponsors the "Une école pour un sourire" association:

Une école pour un sourire

France, January 2007. Two years ago, Meta4 started sponsoring and being a partner of the association “Un école pour un sourire”, helping them in their efforts to assist underpriviledged schools in Latin America. .

"Meta4 collaborates with the association by sponsoring their events, but most of all, we are particularly proud of the annual football tournament in which 2 or 3 teams from Meta4 participate."
Justine Castel, Meta4 France.