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Meta4 Goes Green

Meta4 goes green, and that is why we are running a new campaign within the company to encourage recycling, healthy life, reducing the use of paper and plastic to a minimal, in a long list of measures.

As we believe in the importance of the environment in which we live, we believe it is vital that our kids inherit the same landscape we lived in during our childhood—something that seems harder to achieve day by day.

Meta4 Goes Green

And that is why all employees have contributed to the Meta4 Goes Green project, giving up, for example, the use of bottles of water. This way, we avoid consuming more than 1900 plastic bottles a week. This is our small contribution—our little grain of sand.

We do not stop here. We also feel that it is important to avoid printing paper, when it is not necessary. We avoid printing brochures and other corporate documents, as long as we can achieve the same effects using PDFs or other electronic files—we make a huge saving in paper.

All because we believe that each step, however small it may be, is vitally important for the environment we live in.

Meta4 Goes Gren