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Vision & Strength

Historically speaking, HR management seemed to be bound to administration and was entirely administered by HR departments. At Meta4, we believe that this is not the good way to see things, as an HR department underpins the company’s ability to leverage the best competitive edge of the market. Diversity, through all its shapes, affects organizational productivity and effectiveness: geographical spread, heterogeneous workforce (cultural, ethical, gender, age, etc), distinct management models and differing work experience, etc. But there are many more factors closely tied to HR that are just as important, if not more, that affect organizations.

The search for talent, crucial to be able to always draw upon the best workers; motivation and training, that let us recycle and keep the competitive edge of the company well honed; striking the balance between work and life; a work atmosphere, so vital for top performance; career plans, appraisals, and a long list of the rest let us optimize our resources and make the most of the best in our people.

All of this has meant that companies are beginning to be aware that the right Human Capital and Talent Management is the capstone for defining their competitive strategy.

At Meta4 we have always believed in innovation and in R&D investment. This has allowed us to develop a new generation of Meta4PeopleNet—an application capable of managing all aspects of the organization, leveraging human potential and increasing the productivity of the companies that have opted for our products.

When PeopleNet emerged in 1999/2000, the Meta4 vision was quite differently pitched to the existing ERP systems of that time. A new paradigm was born with PeopleNet for Human Capital Management based on cutting edge innovation, driven by two key underlying concepts:

  • People-Centric: The first ever solution for Human Capital Management built around and entirely oriented to people, rather than to just managing administrative processes.
  • People & Knowledge: The first ever solution for Human Capital Management focused on people, talent, abilities and knowledge—all managed together to maximize company productivity, well beyond the comfort zone of personnel administration.