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More than 1,300 customers| More than 18,000,000 employees managed | Our solutions are present in more than 100 countries

Meta4, with 1,300 clients in 100 countries, manages more than 18 million people worldwide. It has become one of the top three providers worldwide for Human Resources software.

Meta4 R&D and innovation centres in Europe and the Americas develop advanced applications to fully address both local and global needs for any company, regardless of size and degrees of complexity. Our Human Capital Management solutions and HR and Payroll Outsourcing services leverage the full human potential of private enterprises or public institutions.

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What HR functions do you need?

Ad Hoc:
   - Custom Add-ons.

Talent Management:
   - Performance;
   - Career & Succession Planning;
   - Learning & Development;
   - Compensation & Benefits.

   - Global Core HR;
   - Configurable

Set Up

What services can we provide to fit your specific HR requirements?

Ad Hoc:
   - Integration;
   - Interfaces.

   - Security;
   - Alerts;
   - Workflows;
   - Reports.

   - Platform;
   - Support.

Set Up

Which implementation model to choose?

Ad Hoc: For clients, who want ad hoc joint project implementation.

Assisted: For clients with limited internal resources.

Autonomous: For clients, who prefer to implement and deploy to their own timeline.

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